About Us

Founded in 1985, Jeff Whitted is a graduate of Temple University. During his education he was employed in the trades, working for painters, builders, and other artisans in the area, which eventually led him to start creating his own window treatments. He and his brother-in-law then started an upholstery business in 1980.  As a result of the success of that enterprise, Jeff started the full service interior design firm which is now Aslan Interiors.

Jeff, his wife and daughter, and a variety of specialists work together on each interior design project, working to create a unique experience for each client, fusing the professional expertise and experience they bring to the table with the individual vision of each particular client. With almost 30 years in the interior design business, Jeff and his team have forged relationships with various manufacturers and suppliers, with access to over 200 of them. “I’ll bring a sketchpad, and as they tell me what they’re looking for, I’ll often sketch ideas out for them. Oftentimes, that sketch becomes the blueprint for what they’re looking for.”

As a father of 8 (yes, you read that correctly!) Jeff knows firsthand the importance of creating both beautiful and “family-friendly” designs. Both beauty and function define many of the designs which Aslan Interiors has done for family homes, including the design and building of in-law suites and helping families find extra space for their growing families.

Our Team:

Jeffrey Whitted
Susan Whitted
Brittany Notary
Melanie Chamberlain
(Not Pictured)