Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the design process?

Why do I need a professional designer?

An in-person consultation at the site of the project is preferable to start off with. We want to learn about the ideas and aspirations you have for your project.  Budget is also an important conversation to be had, so we can establish parameters in our design process.  Based on that information, we'll create a design, and 
then present it to you for approval.  Once approved, the fun begins!  We handle the rest and work with only the most professional and talented companies in the area.  Our job is not finished until the concept we worked together to create, has come to fruition.

See our blog post for more detail about what the design process might look like for our clients.
• Better outcome for bringing functionality to meet the 
    needs of the clients space
• Talent & skills of an experienced designer ensure dreams become reality
• Control cost and time
• Understand the quality of furnishings
    and applications before purchasing

How do I get started?

Ready to start planning your project? Contact us today, and we'll work to help you make your dream a reality!